11/09/12: Please welcome Churchill to GEBR.  He was a stray that made his way to the Halifax Humane Society in Daytona Beach, Florida.  We were made aware of him on Tuesday and after a few phone calls and emails we had transport set up for him to join us on Friday.  Thank you Ashley Powers, Leigh Clark and Shannon Tucker for getting Churchill from Daytona Beach to Atlanta! 

Churchill was neutered and brought up-to-date on his shots at the humane society earlier this month.  But he has a horrible respiratory infection, skin infection, untreated dry eye, and he is extremely underweight.  He only weighs 48 pounds!  You can see from the photos that his frame can carry much more weight than that.  We removed at least a dozen ticks from his body.  He also needs to have entropian surgery.  We will treat his infections and get some weight on him before we can consider doing surgery. 

He is currently in isolation so that he does not share any of his germs with other dogs.  We are hopeful that his respiratory infection will clear up by the end of the week; and then he will be moved to his foster home. 

He is frail, weak and moves pretty slow but he is sweet, happy and loves being loved on!

Update 11/13/2012: Churchill was seen by Dr. Rush yesterday. No more ticks thank goodness. Churchill does have dry eye, entropion and a skin infection. The most troubling issue right now is starvation. All of his fat has been used to keep him alive, then the body starts breaking down muscle…leading to death from starvation. Churchill has been starved to the point of muscle wasting; why he moves so slowly. Dr. Rush said he will need to gain 10 before we can even consider any treatment of his eyes. So for now, he is on cyclosporine eye ointment and antibiotics for his skin. He’ll be getting lots of treats over the coming weeks and when he’s at a proper weight, will have entropion surgery. He still has a cough but no more nasty snot all over his face.

Update 4/8/13: Churchill had entropian surgery on both upper eye lids on Friday along with a two teeth pulled and a cleaning. He was also adopted by his foster family on Sunday. The Webb’s also adopted Buster from GEBR last fall. Congrats Churchill, Buster, Tripp, James and Tiffany!

Guardian Angel

T Pyne


L Schwenk

R & S Rice – In memory of PorkChop

M Synder

K Miller 

R & S Rice – In memory of PorkChop

M Patrick – in memory of Max & Delilah


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