Milton – January 8th, 2017

7/20/15:  Please welcome Milton!  Milton found himself at a local shelter.  No one came looking for him so he is now in the care of GEBR.  A big thank you to Haley for busting him out the shelter!
He is a little rough around the edges at the moment but nothing we can’t handle!  He has a skin infection, a double ear infection and a respiratory infection. We are treating all these things now.  Once his respiratory infection clears up he will be neutered and move into his foster home.
We believe he is around 7 years old.  We do not know yet if he likes dogs, cats or children.  He has a small frame with too many pounds on it so he is a weight loss plan.
Update 8/4/15:  Poor Milton is still battling an upper respiratory infection.  Once it clear up he will be neutered and then move into his foster home.   Dr. Ross did X-rays of his hips because he walks a little funny. He does have hip dysplasia. We started him on carprofin to help with discomfort.  He also began taking joint supplements.  He will need to stay on both of them for the remainder of his life.
Update 8/11/15:  After a few weeks and a few different antibiotics with no luck of clearing up his upper respiratory infection Dr. Ross went ahead and did and x-ray to check his sinus cavity for tumors.  The x-ray showed nothing wrong but he still has some drainage.  We started him on baytril in hopes that it will clear up.  It is a bacteria infection not viral so he is not contagious.  He was also neutered today and all went well.
Update 8/15/15:  Milton moved into his foster home with two dogs and a cat.  He does not mind any of them! He will be taking it easy while he recovers from his neuter surgery.
Update 8/22/15:  Milton’s neuter incision popped open and his scrotum filled up with blood.  He is in crate rest at the vet clinic until the swelling goes down.
Update 9/1/15:  Milton decided he wanted to go live with Wanda, GEBR alum!  He moved into her house today and found himself a corner to lay down in.  He enjoys squishing into small places!  We are still working on the upper respiratory infection.
Update 9/6/15:  Milton and Wanda decided they didn’t want to live together any longer so Milton packed his bags and moved to a new foster home.  He is hanging out with Gus and Duchess now!
Update 12/4/15:  Milton, Gus and Duchess told Jen and Andy that they better make it official already because Milton is not going anywhere!  Congrats everyone!  
approximate age: 7
approximate weight: 43 (but needs to drop a few)
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: he is curious
likes children: he has not been around any while in our care
food: Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream
life long medications: prescription eye drops, joint supplements, carprofin
T Helms & J Iannini
C Powell – In memory of sweet Gladys Jones Alger
L Murphy
S Yegros



January 8th, 2017: Milton and his parents knew the moment he walked in the door of his foster home that he would never be leaving.  He got to spend the last 16 months of his life with his people and two furry friends of his own.  Please keep his family in your thoughts.

Rest In Peace Milton

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