Pringle – January 7th, 2017

8/31/15:  Please welcome Pringle!  He is joining us today from a local shelter with the help of Christa and Howard.  All we know at this moment is that he is a good boy (but he has been reported to be grumpy) but is in some serious pain and scared.  He has obvious eye issues, bad skin, multiple wounds and a grapefruit size mass near his anus.

Update 9/1/15:  Pringle is resting at Riverside and doesn’t seem to be grumpy at all. Dr. Ross said they did a full exam on him today and he was a perfect gentleman.  Our biggest concern now, besides his eyes, skin and emaciation, is a grapefruit size mass he has just to the left of his rectum. We were initially fearful that it was cancer but after exam today it appears to be a large perineal hernia. These hernias can be quite uncomfortable. Pringle is going to be evaluated at GVS tomorrow.

Update 9/2/15:  Pringle was Dr. Duval at GVS this morning.  She confirmed the hernia and recommended surgery.  There is of course the chance it can reoccur, there is a chance he can become incontinent, there is a chance he can develop a prolapsed rectum and there is a higher rate of infection because of its location.  Even with all that she said the success rate is reasonably good!  There is no strain when he has a bowl movement so this is also good news! It is not an emergency surgery so Dr. Duval and Dr. Ross decided we will treat his eye infection, his skin infection and pack on a few pound over the next two weeks then move forward with surgery.  He will be neutered at that time as well.

Update 9/21/15:  Pringle had his surgery today to repair his hernia.  There was no mussel left for Dr Duval to use to keep his colon in place so she had to use all mesh.  Hopefully this will hold everything is place!  He is on strict crate rest for the next two weeks until his stitches come out.

Update 10/12/15:  Pringle is recovering nicely from surgery.  He has moved into his foster home to a taste of the good life.  We are dealing with some minor skin issues and working on getting his dry eye medication just right.

Update 2/28/16:  Pringle picked out his new parents!  Congrats Pringle, Kent and Caryl!    





T Helms & J Iannini

S Yegros      





January 7, 2017: After spending six months in rescue getting healthy, Pringle was lucky enough to spend the last ten months with a family of his own that loved him to the fullest.  Please keep his family in your thoughts.

Rest In Peace Pringle

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