Millie – August 20th, 2015

Update 2/8/15:  Please welcome Millie!  She was surrendered to a veterinarian clinic in Aiken, SC due to owners unable to financially pay for emergency medical care and spay due to pyrometra.  The Aiken vet provided Millie’s emergency surgery, spay, and vaccines. Vet stated that her uterus from the Pyro ruptured and shredded as the procedure was being done. Millie has had multiple homes and breed previously.

Currently Millie has skin infection, eye infection, and possibility of dry eye. She is currently settling into her Foster home. Millie is heartworm negative.

Millie is approximately 5 years olds.  She is not a fan of other dogs.

Update 2/9/15: Millie was seen by Martinez Animal Hospital today. Millie was diagnosed with dry eye in both of her eyes and she will be on Cyclosporin Opthalmic 2% drops for the rest of her life 2 times a day. Millie also had X-rays done on her hips and knees. Millie will be requiring surgery to her right knee. The X-ray also showed Millies left hip will eventually cause her issues as she ages, due to poor conformation. Millie was placed on Rimadyl to help reduce the inflammation and pain she may have. Millie received a medicated bath for her skin issues, and will receive a medicated bath 2 times a week for the next 30 days until improvement. Millie is schedule for surgery on her right knee on Monday 2/16/2015.

Update 2/16/15: Millie had her right knee ACL surgically repaired. Millie also had Entropion eye surgery on both of her eyes. She is currently at her foster home recovering and will return to the vet in 7 days to have suture removed from her eyes. Millie is doing really great in her foster home and has been a great playmate to the foster parents toddler grand child playing in the sandbox prior to her surgery.

Update 2/26/15: Millie visited Martinez Animal Hospital today for a follow up from her surgery. The vet removed the sutures from her eyes and knee and stated that everything looks fantastic. Millie is putting weight on her knee and using her leg which is a great sign and she has another 6 weeks of recovery before her left knee is operated on. Millies eyes have cleared up so much and have a sparkle back to them. Millie has established a friendship with her foster parents 2 year old grand daughter and so gentle with her and follows her lead.

Update 4/2/2015: Millie was seen today at Martinez Animal Hospital for a follow-up for her ACL right knee surgery. Her foster noticed that she began to limp on yesterday and didn’t really want to put pressure on it. Dr. Norman did a x-ray and determined that her wire had dropped down some. Dr. Norman suggested that Millie be placed back on total rest and back on Rimadyl medication. She will go back to the vet in a week for a follow-up. Millie also seems to have some allergy to the increased pollen and her eyes are reacting to it. So the vet suggested some saline rinse, allergy drops, and then her normal dry eye medication to see if that provides her any relief. Millie is doing FANTASTIC in her foster home, and as you can see her skin has healed up nicely and her fur has all grown in.  Vet suggested if her hair doesn’t fill in completely soon then we might want to have her thyroid evaluated.

Update 6/8/2015: Millie was seen by Martinez Animal Hospital. Millie has an ear infection in which is being treated with some medication. Vet observed her recovery from her  ACL right knee surgery she had several months ago and stated that Millie needs to lose 15lbs and that would help her with her recovery. So Millie is officially on a diet to help her with her rehabilitation.

Update 7/10/2015: Millie was reevaluated for some concerns for her ACL right knee surgery recovery. X-rays were taken and showed that Millie wire in her right knee has broken in 1/2 in which will require additional surgery. Also, Millie eye meds were increased to a stronger dose and she was placed on an eye antibiotic to help with the inflammation.

Millie temperament was evaluated. Millie seems to not like female dogs at all. Millie did great with a very laid back, mellow, and non-reactive male. Millie would probably do really great with a small/tiny breed dog as well. Millie was very curious about the cat, she would try to chase the cat but stopped when the cat stopped and walked up to her. She was not aggressive towards the cat just very curious. Millie would do fine with a home with a cat.

Update 8/20/15: Millie came from Augusta to Atlanta yesterday to have a consultation with Dr Cross.  He has been decided she does knee surgery on her left knee and she does need to have an additional surgery on her right knee.  She at GVS today for her first surgery.  She will also be living in a new foster home where she will not need to share her humans with other dogs (just a few cats).

Update 8/20/15:  Millie passed away after surgery today.


August 20, 2015:  GEBR took a major punch in the gut this afternoon that has left us and several others grief stricken.
Sweet Millie had knee surgery this morning.  She did well throughout the surgery.  Immediately afterward, she was transferred to the ICU for close monitoring.  She recovered well, was awake and breathing …on her own without difficulty and was being closely monitored by the ICU staff.  After a couple of hours of stability, she suddenly stopped breathing.  There was no indication of a problem, no instability, no distress…..nothing!  She just stopped breathing.  Staff was only steps away and immediately began resuscitation but were unsuccessful.  Millie crossed the bridge about 2PM, Thursday afternoon. We believe she suffered a catastrophic event like a large pulmonary embolus or massive heart attack that took her instantly with no hope of resuscitation.
As many of you know, we do not take chances with our dogs.  We do not cut corners and strive to provide the best care possible for all of our dogs, no matter the price tag and no matter the distance we must travel.
We are grief stricken by her passage but are confident she received the best possible care available.
Millie experienced eight months of love and care.  Eight months in which every desire was met and every treat was given.  Something that she hadn’t experienced in a long time.  Millie had also just met her forever family 24 hours before.  She was loved, she was spoiled and she  “owned” a family before she passed.
Rest in Peace Sweet Millie



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