Layla – July 28th, 2015

Please welcome Layla to GEBR! She turned 4 years old on April 23. She is an owner surrender. We are told she likes other dogs and children. So far we know that she has a few fleas, has not had shots since August 2008, needs to have a palate surgery, has inverted eye lashes on both eyes and needs to be spayed. That is a pretty long list but hopefully we will have all of it all taken care of by Friday afternoon. But only if she is heartworm negative! So please keep your fingers crossed that she is negative. And please keep her in your thoughts over the next few days. We will update her profile again as soon as we know more.

Update 8/19/11: Layla had a few little procedures today. Thank you Dr. Rush for caring for this sweet girl.  Layla DOES NOT have entropion, she has very severe dry eye with a secondary infection. She is now on several types of eye drops to get the infection under control and treat the dry eye.  She had palate surgery today, along with spay.  She is now up to date on her shots and is Heart worm negative (thank goodness).  Her biggest issue: ear infections. Both ears are in terrible condition requiring drops and oral antibiotics.
Layla is resting comfortably with Stephanie until she gets her stitches out next week.  After she has recovered she will be transferred to her foster home, the Tobin’s. This will be the fourth foster dog the Tobins have taken into their home…Thank you!

Update 8/29/11: Layla went to see Dr. Rush today to get her stitches out and to have her ears rechecked. Her ears are still infected but we will continue to treat them. She is now at her foster home with her foster sister and GEBR alum Daisey.

Update 12/25/11: Layla has been adopted by her foster family!

July 28, 2015:  Sweet Miss Layla came to GEBR a few years ago as a neglected owner surrender.  She went to her wonderful foster home, cast her spell on the Tobin family and never left.  She had hit the Jackpot and wasn’t giving that life up.  A mommy and daddy to love her and 2 sisters to spoil her.  She joined another GEBR alum, Daisy and the two lead a magical life.  They even invited a boy dog into the mix at Christmas, Bruno. Layla developed heart failure a few months ago and although sh…e battled bravely the disease continued to take it’s toll. Precious Layla passed early this morning in the company of her family, who loved her dearly.  In the arms of the one person she cherished and who cherished her right back.  Who saw to it that she got everything her little heart desired….her momma!

Rest in Peace little Layla, you were a precious gem and one of the cutest little bulldogs around.

Please keep the Tobin family, along with Layla’s fur sister Daisy and fur brother Bruno, in your thoughts and prayers as they make this journey.