Charity – August 31st, 2015

3/12/13:  Charity is a three year old female, surrendered by her owners to a rural shelter in Alabama because she “killed” a chihuahua. In temperment testing around other dogs, Charity didn’t bat an eye or seem fazed in the least. BUT, because of her prior ALLEGED issue, we are going to have to recommend that she not be placed in a home with small dogs.

The prior owners also reported that Charity had NEVER been to a vet, so we are starting at square one with her. We do not know her medical status at the moment and pray for a clean bill of health.

Charity is on the road right now, anxious to start her new princess life. You can see from the photos that she has very kind eyes but it appears as if her spirit has been broken. That’s our specialty healing broken heart and spoiling them rotten.

She is at Riverside Animal Hospital now in shelter quarantine for the next several days, while she is medically assessed.

Update 3/18/13: She is heartworm negative, thank goodness BUT she has every intestinal parasite known to man, eye infections, skin infection and ear infections. Riverside reports that she is terribly sweet and loves belly rubs.

Update 4/1/13: Charity went into heat last week but Dr Ross was able to spay her on Friday.  She went to her foster home but is on strict rest for the next two weeks.  Spay surgery while in heat is more involved then a regular spay surgery so it is important that she stay very calm and relaxed.  Her eyes, ears and skin look good but she does need to gain a few pounds.  She is extremely timid but we know she will open up over the next few weeks as she gets more comfortable with the “good life”.

Update 4/16/13: Charity is doing great in her foster home.  She is was extremely timid and shy when she first got there but is coming out her shell more and more each day.  Her infections have cleared up and she has recovered from her spay surgery.

Update 4/30/13:  Charity was adopted on Saturday!  Congrats Charity, Rick and Marleen!


August 31, 2015: Macy (formally Charity) was unexpectedly called to the rainbow bridge today.

Please keep her parents and brother Buster in your thoughts.

Rest in peace Macy

Guardian Angels:

G & J Bethenod


M Patrick

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