Meet Meatball, a 4.5 year old owner surrender who has been waiting patiently, for the last month, to come into rescue. Meatball has been well cared for but just doesn’t fit in with the family dynamics now that they have a child.  Meatball didn’t appreciate the new family member as much as mom and dad did.  He is healthy and has been up to date on vaccines until recently. He is neutered.  Meatball will be visiting Dr. Harris in the next few days for vaccines and a microchip and will be ready to find his furever home.  He requests one without those nasty crying babies though.

He is the typical bulldog and has a good temperment except for a few areas.  He will bark at the front door if someone rings the bell but will back down as soon as his human lets him know it’s OK.  He also barks at any noises from the outside.  He also pulls quite a bit on the leash and does not like to be approached by other people while he is on the leash.  He gets along well with other dogs and loves the dog park.  A home with a fenced in back yard is a must as walks could be physically challenging and a bit of a pain.  He loves car rides and the dog park.

Update 3/12/12:  Meatball is now up to date on all of his shots.  He has a double ear infection that we are treating.

Update 3/31/12:  Meatball has packed his bags and moved to Florida with his new father and English Bulldog brother.  Congrats Meatball, Jeff and Spencer.



Meatball crossed over the rainbow bridge.  Please keep his family in your thoughts. 

Rest In Peace Meatball



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