Boss – February 26th, 2012


Meet BOSS, a 3 year old male , surrendered to a shelter by his owners. Boss is a sweet but slightly withdrawn fellow. He came into the shelter late last Friday and was promptly taken home for the weekend, by the rescue coordinator. She knew that we would make room for him with GEBR and didn’t want him to stay at the shelter unnecessarily. She took him home, cleaned him up, clipped his very long and overgrown nails and gave him some much needed love and attention. Unfortunately, he did need to go back to the shelter for examination and neuter(their rules, not ours) and I picked him up early Saturday morning.
Right now, he is at our vets because even during that short time at the shelter he developed a respiratory infection and his neuter wound is draining. He also has ear infections.
I can’t wait to see this beautiful boy with some light back in his eyes. I know there’s a Velcro dog in there just screaming to be set free.

Update 10/21/2011: Boss has been adopted…congratulations Boss!

We are very sad to report that Boss crossed the bridge unexpectedly on February 26, 2012.  Our hearts are with his family as they cope with yet another great loss in their lives.  

Boss joined GEBR in early October 2011.  His owners dumped him at the local shelter because they no longer wanted him.  Within three days he was in our care, getting checked out by our vet and getting treatment for a respiratory infection that he picked up at the shelter.  Within a week he was adopted!  Teresa McMillan and her family had recently suffered the loss of their bulldog Bubba.  Boss came into their lives at the perfect moment.  They spend four months with each.  Boss knew love and happiness for those four months. 






We get frequent requests to adopt our dogs PRIOR to spay/neuter.




Any inquiry regarding adoption of an intact dog will result in PERMANENT elimination from our adoption pool and all other English Bulldog rescues will be notified of your request.

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