Google – January 3, 2012

Google Lee, at 6 weeks and 11 pounds, became a member of my family on 2002/11/11 shortly after I joined Georgia Tech. Google has a unique personality. He is stubborn and tenacious but also considerate and super sweet. He often curled up randomly in any couch in the house other than the two recliners we have for watching movies projected on the wall. He is quite a philosopher, too, which I often learned from his facial expression saying that life may not be so fair after all. He could also recognize the names of eight fluffy toys when he was barely 2 years old, and can precisely bring the one I asked for to me when he feels like it. He once tried to trade one of his favorite toys with Daddy’s TV snack. His favorite toy is Uncle Ken’s gift in 2003 called “monkey.” Until yesterday in his last picture taken, he was munching the “monkey” comfortably on my lounge chair. For all of our most memorable and cherishable moments, Google was always around, inspiring and cheering us up for our up-and-down. When I learned from the vet that he was gone, it completely, completely broke my heart. I wept by laying my head on his body, rubbed his fluffy left ear one last time, and told him that he is the greatest dog and how much I love him. Around Jan 3rd at 3:00am, when we walked out of the Georgia Veterinarian emergency in Dunwoody at a chilly 28 degree Fahrenheit, it was absolutely the worst moment of my entire life. Nonetheless, weighing at 93 pounds and considered the heaviest English Bulldog ever by my vet specialized in bully, we are sure that Google has lived more than a happy life in Atlanta. He was 111 month-old.

Goodbye, Google! Daddy and mommy cannot accompany you for your last, final walk, You are a big dog now, you have to take your final trip by yourself. Daddy and mommy will meet you again on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge when the time comes. We promise you! Be brave and behave as a little angel in heaven !

— Hsien-Hsin Sean Lee and Esther Liu