9/22/13: Please welcome Iris! She found her way to Cobb County Animal Control last week. Her stray hold was up on Sunday and Carol was there to save her. Thank you for being there for her Carol and thank you Angie and Cale for letting her crash at their house until the vets office opened the next morning. And thank you Ruth for providing her with a bullie taxi ride to Dr Ross’s. She is pretty scared right now but she will come out of her shell in no time.

She will spend two weeks in shelter quarantine while Dr Ross addresses any medical issues. At this time all we know is that she needs to be vaccinated and spayed. We will update as we learn more.

Update 9/25/13: Spoke with Dr Ross this morning and she says Iris is a tiny little sweet thing! She was nervous her first day there but is coming out of her shell. She had a mild skin infection that has gotten a lot worse over a one day period. Dr Ross is treating that with antibiotics and she also started her on antihistamines to help with allergy issues. She will be spayed once her skin infection clears. She will move into her foster home after her two weeks in quarantine is over.

Update 10/9/13: Iris moved into her foster home.  She and her foster sister Lucy are getting to know each other.  There have been a few little spats but for the most part things are going well.  Iris is not so sure about her foster dad, she is coming around but we are not sure if maybe in her life before GEBR a man was mean to her.  She seems to get along fine with the children in the home.  She is pretty curious about things in general.  She is not housebroken so her foster family it working on that too.

She just finished her prednizone so she has to wait a few days before she can be spayed.  She goes back to see Dr Ross next week for the surgery.

Dr Ross believes that she is four years old.

Update 10/22/13: Iris and her foster sister where not interested in sharing a house so we moved Iris into a foster home with a male bullie.  And she loves him!  Iris had her spay surgery and has been cleared for adoption.

Update 3/22/14: Axel, GEBR alum, got a sister this weekend! He and his family adopted Iris, now known as Addy. Congrats Louderback family!


R & S Rice – In memory of PorkChop

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