Lola Marie – December 25th, 2017

10/13/16:  Please welcome Lola Marie!  She joins us from Atlanta Humane Society.  Her previous owner came here recently from SC and dropped her off at the shelter.  They called immediately to see if we could take her in.  Thank you Ruth for giving her a ride to our vet today.  She has obvious skin infections, dry eye, she needs to be vaccinated and she needs to have her teeth cleaned. She is 9 years old.  We are told she likes dogs and children but we do not know how she feels about cats.

Update 10/17/16:  Lola Marie had her teeth cleaned today and all went well.  We started her on prescription eye drops for her dry eye that she will be on for the remained or her life.  We started her on antibiotics and medicated baths to treat her skin infections. We are waiting on culture results to be sure we are using the prefect medications to clear up infections.  She will be moving into her foster home in a few days.  She will be ready for adoption as soon as we get her skin infection cleared up.    

Update 1/8/17:  Lola Marie has been adopted by her foster mom.  Congrats Lola Marie and Darlene!


December 25, 2017:  Lola crossed over the Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly today.  Please keep her mom Darlene in your thoughts.  Rest In Peace Lola



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