Jager – January 4th, 2018

Meet Jager, a four year old owner surrender. Poor boy has been suffering with skin and ear problems for sometime and when Daddy lost his job, Jager wasn’t able to get the care he needed.  He’s a sweet boy, a little reserved right now because he doesn’t feel all that well but will be better in no time.  We initially had a scare that he was heartworm positive, but have since found out he is negative.  We are awaiting results of ear cultures, preliminary results show that he has some resisitance and there is concern for MRSA.  Awaitng final culture results.  As it stands at the moment, he has bilateral eye and ear infections along with a nasty skin infection.  He also has dry eye, but hoping this will improve after the infections have cleared.  He is on antibiotics right now but will change them as soon as we get culture results back.  After his skin has improved, he will be neutered and will be ready for a foster or furever home.  He has a very sweet disposition, gets along with other dogs.  I can’t wait until this boy feels better so we can take him out to play; he is very concerned right now.  More pictures to follow when he feels a little better.

Update 6/5/12: Jäger’s skin has made some progress but as of yet, not enough to neuter. Still awaiting final ear culture results since the bacteria is resistant to many of the commonly used drugs. His eyes are improving on antibiotics.

Update 7/18/12:  Jager has been adopted by his foster family.  Congrats Jager and the Robertelli family! 


C Allen

H & C Robertelli

K Rayburn  


January 4, 2018:  Jager lost is battle with cancer today and crossed over the rainbow bridge.  Please keep his family in your thoughts. 

Rest In Peace Jager

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PLEASE NOTE: We get frequent requests to adopt our dogs PRIOR to spay/neuter.THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN WITH GEBR!  Any inquiry regarding adoption of an intact dog will result in PERMANENT elimination from our adoption pool and all other English Bulldog rescues will be notified of your request.