Shelby – December 10th, 2017

10/17/10: Shelby is a 3 year old, healthy female. She was adopted from an All Breed Rescue in Atlanta, in May.  For the first 3 months of her new life, things were perfect.  Then, a new dog moved in next door.  Shelby didn’t seem to like that dog and tried to attack her on 2 occasions.  Additionally she began to bully her sister, Daisy.  Daisy and Shelby would get along well for the most part but would bicker every so often.  Last week, she and Daisy got into a FIGHT and Daisy suffered a minor injury.  Her owners contacted the rescue who advised that she be put down because this behavior could not be corrected with training (HUH?). “Besides, we have too many females in the rescue right now and can’t take her back.” (WTH).  Shelby is a sweet, well behaved (for the most part) girl who is trustworthy and sensitive.  Her owners love her very much and really want her to be happy.  They are not able to provide training at this time and have asked us to find Shelby a great home deserving of such a good girl.  Shelby gets along well with all males!  Shelby should do beautifully as an only dog or in a home with a male.  She is spayed and UTD with shots.

Update 12/22/10: She prefers adults and of course being the only dog.  She doesn’t seem to care for children, basically ignores them and wants them to just leave her alone.  She does rumble a bit when the children in her foster home want to pet her but has never been aggressive towards them.  Only adult homes with no children and no other female dogs will be considered.

Update 01/19/11: Unfortunately Shelby had to be moved to another foster home.   She shared her previous foster home with 3 children who wanted to love Shelby but Shelby doesn’t seem to enjoy the company of children.   She became stressed and growled when the children attempted to pet her.  Who knows what is in her past, she may have been abused by children in the home she escaped from last year.  She is now in an adult only foster home with no other pets.  Shelby does OK with male dogs but doesn’t like to have another female compete for attention. Shelby is looking for a fairly active adult only home (she regularly went on runs with her previous foster dad).  NO CHILDREN AND NO OTHER FEMALE PETS.  Cats, unknown.

Update 7/22/12: Shelby was going to be adopted by her foster mom but things did not work out so she is now in another foster home.  She is looking for her FOREVER family this time!  She is around five years old now and in good health.  She would do best in a home with no children and no female dogs.

Update 3/8/14: Shelby has been adopted by her foster mom.  Congrats Shelby and Candy!


December 10, 2017:  Shelby crossed over the Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly today.  Please keep her mom Candy in your thoughts.  Rest In Peace Shelby






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