Lisa Marie – June 11th, 2017

11/9/14:  Please welcome Lisa Marie!  When Lisa Marie was found a few weeks ago she was chained up outside in a yard with roosters picking at her.  Her owner did not feed.  She was covered in fleas and extremely underweight and unhealthy.  Becca, the woman that found and saved her, took her home and washed all the fleas off of her.  She fed her, gave her water and took her to the vet for a check up. The vet did an exam and gave her vaccinations.  He noticed a scar but we are unsure it is from spay surgery or a c-section.  He stated that her front legs are deformed but he feels with exercise, a good diet and her muscles getting stronger that she should be alright.  He also felt that her jaw may have been broken.  She eats fine and it does not seems to bother her.  He noticed that she has a couple teeth that are fractured that will eventually need to be removed. Becca already has three dogs of her own so she called us and asked if we could take Lisa Marie into rescue and get the help she needs.  With a wonderful transport team of Becca, Daniel, Tammy, Carole and Stephanie we were able to get her from FL to GA. She is extremely sweet and craves affection!  We believe she is around five years old.  She likes dogs.  We do not know if she likes cats of children.

Update 11/10/14:  Lisa Marie made her way to Dr Rush’s and upon exam we believe she may have pneumonia.  She has very rapid shallow breathing and x-ray’s showed some signs of it.  We started her on antibiotics to help clear this up.  Dr Rush did blood work and confirmed that she also has a bladder infection and a high white blood cell count.  We will continue to monitor her and do everything we can to get her healthy.

Update 11/15/14:  Unfortunately we discovered today after and ultrasound that Lisa Marie has cancer.  She has a large mass and a few smaller masses in her lungs.    She does take short rapid breaths but she is feeling OK and eating just fine right now.  She will be moving into her hospice home with Rob after the holiday.  We will make her as comfy as possible for as long as possible.      



June 11, 2017:  Lisa Marie passed away in her sleep.  We never expected to have her with us as long as we did and we are so happy that we did!  Please keep her foster dad, Steve, in your thoughts.  




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