Drew – June 7th, 2017

7/16/15 – Please welcome Drew! Drew’s owners surrendered him to GEBR due to changes in their living situation and they were not able to provide the care that Drew was in need of. His previous family stated he is great with kids and other animals. Drew’s previous family received him when he was 3 years old. Drew is now 5 years old and weighs 69 lbs.

Drew spent the night at St. Francis Animal Hospital to receive medicated baths for his flea and tick infestation, Capstar to kill the fleas, and an ear cleaning due to infection.  Drew came into the rescue with no current vaccines, skin infection, ear infection, tail pocket infection, & dry crusted nose.

Update 7/17/15 – Drew was picked up from St. Francis Animal Hospital and was taken to Martinez Animal Hospital for his thorough Bulldog exam. Drew’s eyes are healthy and perfect and he is heartworm negative. Drew received another thorough ear cleaning and was placed on an ear wash and antibiotic. Drew also was given Mal-e-ket wipes to help with his nose rope and tail pocket infection. He also will receive medicated antibacterial baths twice a week to clear up.  Drew weighs 69 lbs and will be on a diet to lose 10 lbs. He will be fed Taste of Wild Pacific.

Drew is getting settled into his foster home. He did great with the cats there. Drew seems to have a very mellow and laid back temperament.

Update 8/3/15: Drew,s ear infection & skin infection is all healed up. Drew has done great in his foster home with 2 other bossy female dogs one being a bulldog and one being a lab. He has also done really well with the 2 cats in the home. Drew is toy possessive so it recommended that he is not placed in a home with young children because Drew does not like his toys being taken from him.

Update 8/29/15:  Drew, now known as Duke, picked out his new dad!  Congrats Drew and Scott!

approximate age: 5
approximate weight: 69 but needs to lose weight
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: yes
likes children: yes but can not be with younger children
food: Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream
life long medications: none 


June 7, 2017:  Drew crossed over the rainbow bridge today.  Rest In Peace Drew






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