Deuce – June 17th, 2017

Kong is a 3 year old male, again from the same breeder who gave us Sophie.  Again, I must applaud him for doing the right thing and giving these dogs a safe and pampered future.  Kong was one of 2 studs.  There were occasional fights over females but the owner says that Kong was defending himself from the dominant male.  Kong was not the instigator of these confrontations. From what we can tell, he’s right.  Kong’s behavior has been great.  He is also at our vet awaiting Neuter. After the bacterial infection on Kong’s chin and chest was cleared with antibiotics, the rash reached a stable point, then would not heal.  Scrapings were positive for demodex mange.  He is undergoing treatment.  His neuter was completed and all blood tests were negative for heartworms. Kong is now with me getting his Demodex treatment and continued work on potty training.  The vet techs at Riverside Animal Hospital fell in love with Kong and took a special interest in potty training and loving on him.  He’s one spoiled boy and it’s only going to get worse…you can’t help but love him when he looks at you with those soulful eyes.  He’s getting the potty training thing but has had a few accidents.  He loves being inside where it’s cool and clean.    It’s funny, every single  bulldog I have cared for HATED to have their wrinkles and tail pockets cleaned, except Kong and Sophie.  Both love to be bathed and come to me when it’s wrinkle cleaning time, I have to clean them first!

June 17, 2017:  Deuce (formally Kong) passed away unexpectedly in his sleep.  He spent the last seven years with his parents, Roger and Crisit, and had the best life ever!  Please keep them in your thoughts.  Rest in peace Deuce