Gladys – July 12th, 2015

Meet Gladys a young female who was found wondering in Covington this week.  She was taken in by a good samaritan and taken to the vet because she has a large mass protruding from her vagina. She needed immediate care! In a cooperative effort with English Bulldog Rescue of Georgia, Gladys is now in the care of Georgia English Bulldog Rescue and is resting comfortably at Riverside Animal Hospital. Thank you Cheryl and Joyce for helping get this girl into immediate care. Gladys has a vaginal prolapse.  She is now on medication and began antibiotics.
Although in pain, Gladys was very sweet and very scared. While at the vets, she clung to me for reassurance. A very loving girl!
Update 2/27/12: Gladys had spay surgery today at Dr. Rush’s. She has a vaginal prolapse secondary to estrogen going wild at onset of heat. Dr. Rush believes that the prolapse will correct itself with removal of the estrogen(spay), within a few weeks. He also thinks she can’t be more than a year old. I have to say, even though this girl was terribly uncomfortable, she is the sweetest little doll. We will have pictures as soon as she feels better.

Update 2/28/12: Dr. Rush called today. She is recovering well from the surgery but a portion of the prolapse that is still outside her body looks like it is dying . Dr. Rush is going to sedate her tomorrow and remove a portion of that tissue so that it doesn’t become infected. She’ll have to remain in the hospital until late this week or early next week.

Update 3/5/12: Gladys’ journey to wellness isn’t over yet 🙁 Got a call from Dr. Rush, he is going to have to take her back to surgery tomorrow to resect more of the tissue that is prolapsed. He thinks this will take care of it. She remains sweet; has had lots of visitors and enjoys all the attention!

Update 3/6/12: Gladys She had another surgery today. Dr. Rush was able to reduce the rest of the prolapse. She’ll stay at Dekalb Animal Hospital for a few more days, then on to the the best chapters of the rest of her life.

Update 3/20/12: Gladys got her stitches out today.  She is offically ready for adoption!  Thank you Dr Rush and staff at Dekalb Animal Hospital for taking great care of her.

Update 3/25/12: Gladys has been adopted!  Congrats Gladys, Laura, Chase and Bodah!


July 12, 2015: Glady’s, GEBR alum, passed away unexpectedly.  Please keep her parents in your thoughts.