Bella -June 29th, 2016

12/6/13: Meet LaVerne, a sweet little female, picked up as a stray. LaVerne has a large abscess around her rectum and was released to GEBR as a medical emergency. She also has a skin infection and her ears are closed with infections. By looking at the photos, you can surely see what she was used for. When I picked up LaVerne, she was obviously in discomfort but her abscess ruptured on the way to the vet and for at least part of the ride, she was more comfortable. The photos of the abscess are after rupture and is about 50% smaller than when I put her in the car. Through out the short ride, she was sweet and curious of what was in the bags on the floor in the car…little minx. She is now resting at Riverside: the abscess has been cultured (along with her ears). She is on 2 antibiotics and pain medication to keep her comfortable. She was doing much better yesterday, the abscess was still draining and she was much more comfortable. We do not know how she does with other dogs, cats or kids. Age unknown at this time. She has a longer snout, but a cute little bulldog body.

Update 12/11/13: LaVerne is looking and feeling much better already. She has been on antibiotics and they seem to be helping her!

Update 12/27/13: We found LaVerne is also heartworm positive.  Once her infections clear up she will be spayed then start heartworm treatment.

Update 1/2/14: LaVerne was spayed.  She will begin heartworm treatment on 1/14/14.  She will be available for adoption once she finishes heartworm treatment.  We think she may have some trouble with her hearing.

Update 2/8/14: LaVerne finished up her heartworm treatment on 2/6 and moved into her foster home.  Her bootie is still pink and swollen but has gotten much better since she came into rescue.  We believe it will continue to get better over time.  She is enjoying life with her foster brother Dunston.

Update 5/31/14: LaVerne moved out of her foster home and into her forever home!  Congrats LaVerne and Blount family!    


R & V Brown


S & B Kyle

V Griffin

M Middlebrooks – in honor of Maybull and LuLu

S Chandler

C & A Pascoli

J Berkwitt

K Nettleton      


June 29th, 2016: We welcomed Bella (aka Chunk and Beyoncé, formerly Laverne, GEBR alum) into our home in April 2014.  Regrettably, she crossed the rainbow bridge on June 29th due to a mast cell cancerous tumor in her leg.  The cancer had metastasized to her lungs and chest.  The entire family, including our lab and Rottweiler rescues, quickly embraced her and we would like to believe she had a couple of great years after a tough early life.  Our daughters preferred to call her Beyoncé or Chunk but fortunately she was also completely deaf so she was never confused.  She was also known as the “Shadow” because she always followed us around the house just wanting to be near people.  If we went too long without petting her, you would unknowingly get a lick on the ankle and a nudge.   She brought our family many laughs and great memories in just a couple of short years.  Her final days were spent being spoiled with car rides in the convertible, real bones from the local butcher, ice cream, hamburgers and steak.  She is missed but certainly not forgotten!
~ The Blout Family