Mack – July 12th, 2016

1/24/14 – Please welcome Chico!  He was surrendered by his owners because they could not longer care for him. We are currently treating a “spot” on his face topically.  If this does not clear up with topical medication it may need to be removed when he is neutered.  He is now up to date on his vaccinations. His is two years old.  We know he lived with a few other dogs.  We do not know if he likes children or cats. More info to come as we learn more about him.  He will be ready for adoption once he recovers from his neuter surgery.

Update 2/6/15:  Chico had surgery today. He was neutered and had the small mass from his face removed.  If the pathology report comes back on the mass then he will adopted this weekend.

Update 2/14/15:  Chico has been adopted!  Congrats Chico and Matt!        




July 12, 2016: Mack (formally Chico, GEBR alum) crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 12th.  He was adopted by Mark in February 2015 and had the best life the past year and a half.  Unfortunately he had two tumors that took over very quickly.  Please keep his family in your thought.
Rest In Peace Mack

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