Trooper – June 4th, 2016

3/7/15:  Please welcome Trooper!  Troopers family has come into some hard times and can no longer give Trooper the care he needs.  He is not up to date on vaccinations or neutered.  He suffers from seasonal allergies like most bulldogs. He is five years old.  He likes other dogs and children.  He does not mind cats (at least not the ones he sees outside of the house).   We are told he is crate trained, and he loves ice cubes and the park.  His previous owners say that he notices any change inside or outside the house and that sometimes he’s “scared of his own shadow” with new things (i.e. furniture) until he gets it in his mind that it’s okay.

Update 3/10/15:  Trooper is now up to date on his vaccinations and neutered.  We are currently treating an ear infection and using medicated wipes to keep his nose rope clean.  We are also feeding him a little extra right now to pack on a few pounds; he is a tad underweight. Trooper is ready for adoption

Update 3/21/15:  Trooper packed his bags and moved to TN with his new family.  Congrats Trooper and Easter family!




June 4th, 2016: Trooper passed away unexpectedly today.  He was rescued in March of 2105 and send the last year with his adoptive family  Please keep his family in your thoughts.

Rest In Peace Trooper

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