Kyra – July, 2014

11/18/13: Please welcome Kyra!  She was picked up as a stray in Birmingham.  Her owner did not show up to claim before her stray hold us up so now she will be joining GEBR.  She is on her way to our vet now thanks to Mary and Deb.

We do not know anything about her yet other than she is a sweetie!  We will know more once Dr Ross examines her.  She will spend at least two week with Dr Ross in shelter quarantine while she addresses any medical issues she may have.

We do not have an estimated age at this time but we believe her is older.  We have no seen her around dogs or cats.  She was with an eight year old and a two year old child on her first leg of her trip today and didn’t seem to mind their company!

Update 12/9/13: Kyra had surgery on 12/6; she was spayed, had entropian surgery on both eyes and had the fatty mass removed from her leg. She moved into her foster home and loving life. She is living with a cat and a another dog and does not seem to mind either. She is a small girl too, only 35 pounds.

Update 1/19/14:  Kyra has been adopted! Congrats Kyra, Harold, Casey, Molly and Eddie!

Update 5/9/14:  Kyra is back with GEBR.  Things did not work out with her adopters.

Kyra went to the rainbow bridge.



S Tanner

V Sullivan – In honor of Pam Ingham, a dedicated supporter of dogs in need

W Ledford – In honor of Lee Karp

A Pratt – In honor of Lee Karp


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