Bob – July 31, 2014

Meet Bob the Bulldog, an approximately 3 year old male stray from south Georgia that joined GEBR on 10/31/11. With the help of Thyra and Sweet Onion Animal Protection Society in Vidalia ( Bob was removed from the shelter and taken to a vet for evaluation and to begin healing. Thyra contacted GEBR, had him released from the vet and taken to her own personal boarding facility until arrangements could be arranged to get Bob to north Georgia. As if that wasn’t enough, Thyra also drove Bob and several of his friends to Atlanta on Monday. His buddies are now safe with Atlanta Pet Rescue and Bob is safe with GEBR.
Bob is terribly emaciated, has lost all body fat and up til recently was living off the protein in his muscles. He is literally a bag of bones. It’s painful to see his pelvic bones protruding and the skin irritated.
Bob also has some fur loss and skin inflammation, probably from fleas and an associated bacterial infection. Unfortunately, Bob is also heartworm positive!
Our plan is to take care of his immediate problems, starvation and skin issues. He will go to a foster home to gain weight (weight gain is very slow initially, possibly a month or two…then they begin to pack on the pounds). After he has reached a healthy weight we will address the heartworms.
Presently Bob weighs 57 pounds…this is going to be one “significant” bulldog.
He is very sweet, you can probably see that by gazing into his eyes.
Bob’s life will be charmed from this point forward.

Welcome to bulldog Utopia Bob!

Update 11/17/11:  Bob went to his foster home.  He and his foster brother Moose seem to get along well.  Bob is still a little shy and scared but is coming around.  He also has a two year old foster sister and a 4 month old foster brother (both human) that he seems to enjoy.  He craves human attention and wants to be touched at all times.  He also knows to go to the door when he needs to go potty.  The plan is for him to gain some weight and then go back to Riverside Animal Hospital for heartworm treatment.

Update 1/5/12: Bob’s hair is coming in nicely and he is gaining weight.  A little more time, love and weight gain then he will to go back to Riverside for heartworm treatment.

Update 1/19/12: About 6 weeks ago, he was an emaciated, forlorn boy who had given up. His eyes were vacant and he was very aloof.  Bob has gained 10 pounds, the sparkle is back in his eyes and he was interested in what the other bulldogs were doing at the meet up. Bob went in to have his heartworm treatment this morning. He had the first treatment today and if he is stable overnight, will have the second tomorrow, then 3 weeks of crate rest (at the vet), no visitors, no excitement.

Update 2/8/12: Bob has been adopted by his foster family!  Congrats Bob, Megan, John, Olivia, Lucas and Moose!


Bob passed away.  Please keep his family in your thoughts.


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