Chloe – June 27th, 2017

1/15/15:  Please welcome Chloe!  Chloe found her self at the local animal shelter….again.  Her owners let her roam free and we are told she has been picked up several times over the years.  This time her owners did not want to pay the fines to the shelter to get her back.  Thank you Heidi and Janice for dropping everything and getting her to safety. She is around eight years old.  We have not seen her around dogs or cats.  She did meet some kids on her way from the shelter to the vet.

Update 1/23/15:  Chloe was spayed today and had a mammary tumor removed. We sent the tumor off to be tested.

Update 2/1/15:  Chloe finished her shelter quarantine and moved into her foster home.  We got the results from the mammary tumor and it did come back as cancer.  But luckily we got clear margins so she will be fine.  Female dogs that are not spayed are always at a higher risk for mammary tumor.  Just another good reason to spay and neuter your pets!  Chloe has dry eye and arthritis and we are treating both.   She looks a little ruff around the edged!  She has some scarring on her face and legs.

Update 4/27/15:  Chloe is a stubborn bully and prefer to move around without a leash!  She needs a home with a fenced yard.  Preferably one with no or only a few steps to get into.  She would do best in a home with no young children and no other dogs.

Update 6/4/15:  Chloe is doing great in her foster home!  She is living with a younger dog.  She doesn’t cuddle or play but she tolerates him!

Update 12/14/15:  Chloe is doing great in her foster home. She was moved over to a home with no dogs and is enjoying the single dog life. She loves to play with her teenage foster sister and has a lifelong passion to destroy squeaky toys. She has learned to climb stairs and likes to visit her foster mom during the day.
 Update 8/25/16:  Chloe has been treated for two joint infections over the past few months.  She is struggling with severe arthritis as well.  Her old age is setting in but she still loves to eat, snuggle and bit car tires!  She would love a home of her own for these last few years of her life.

Chloe crossed the rainbow bridge today.  We recently found bone cancer in her leg.  Please keep her foster family, the Jone’s, in your thoughts.  Rest in peace Chloe…we will miss you!  







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