Gracie – July 17th, 2016

11/15/13: A small victory for this rescue but, the BEST DAY OF HER LIFE for this little girl in Barrow County Shelter. She was adopted yesterday from the shelter and transported to 4 Paws Animal Hospital in Statham, GA. When the “new owners” found out all that was wrong and got an estimate for care, they surrendered her back to Animal Control. With the help of 4 Paws staff, Barrow County Animal Control and Saving Barrow County Animal Control Pets , Jezebel (her new princess name) will be joining GEBR after paperwork is completed on Monday.

Jezebel has serious eye issues and mammary tumors as well….That’s all in a days work for us!

Update 11/18/13: Jezebel is safe and at our vet now thanks to her bullie taxi Dawn.  Dawn said She was excited to bust out of doggie jail!  She is super good in the car.  She lovvveeeeesss bully butt scratches and just to be loved on period is awesome to her.   She listens and is good on a leash.   Her eyes are really icky and her tumor is big and hangs down on her belly.

We will know more once Dr Ross examines her.  She will be spend at least two weeks with Dr Ross in shelter quarantine while she addresses her medical issues. We do not have an estimated age at this time.  We have not seen her around dogs, cats or children yet.

Update 11/21/13: Dr Ross said Jezebel’s lungs sound clear and her blood work looks normal. But her mammary tumor is pretty large. She will do spay surgery on Monday and check inside her little body for additional tumors. If there is enough time she will remove the mammary tumor but if there is not enough time she will need to wait a week then do additional surgery. We never want to take the risk of leaving a bulldog under anesthesia for too long. She does have double eye infections but she does not have dry eye or entropian. Unfortunately she is heart worm positive so she will have to undergo heart worm treatment too after she recovers from surgery.

Update 12/2/13: Unfortunately, Jezzy has a large volume of tumors in her belly. All related to the mammary cancer. We are now able to save her the pain of abdominal surgery. Prognosis is bleak. There is no need to remove the mammary mass because it isn’t going to help her condition. We are now faced with a very complicated medical picture. A bulldog with advanced cancer, who also has heartworms. She most likely would not survive the chemo because of the heartworms and we cannot treat the heartworms because of the advanced cancer.

We will make Jezebel as comfortable as possible, for as long as possible. Right now she is happy, playful, eating well and doesn’t know that she’s sick.

Update 12/3/13: Jezebel moved into her foster home. She is still getting to know her foster brothers and sisters but she loves her bully blanket! We are too late to save her but we will make sure the rest of her life is filled with love, security, eye care, good food and a warm bed before she is called to the bridge.

Update 4/4/14: Jezebel is now named Gracie. Last week Gracie underwent another chest x-ray…no tumors in her lungs. With an aggressive mammary tumor, we could certainly have expected spread to her lungs by this time. Gracie underwent another abdominal ultrasound and to our amazement, there were no tumors in her abdomen. Perhaps the masses in her abdomen that we originally saw were actually enlarged lymph nodes from the skin eye and ear infections this sweet girl had. Gracie underwent spay and removal of her very large mammary tumor this morning. She is resting comfortably tonight with Dr. Rush and will return home to her loving foster family, soon to be furever family. After she recovers, we will discuss the best course to take in treating the heartworms. Her foster parents, Joseph and Chris, have adopted her!  Congrats!


R & W Lee


S Tanner

S Chandler – In honor of Ms. Mabel

L Karp – In memory of Mabel

J Maxwell – In memory of Big Mack Daddy

P & M Drake – In memory of Mabel

July 17, 2016: Gracie (formally Jezebel) came into rescue in November 2013.  We were to so sure if she was going to survive in the beginning after seeing the massive tumor on her stomach.  But after surgery and recovery she was just fine!  She spent the last few years loving life with her parents Chris and Joseph.  She crossed over the to rainbow bridge recently.  Please keep her family in your thoughts.

Rest In Peace Gracie