Georgina – September 16, 2016

1/15: Please welcome Georgina!  Georgina’s owners got her from a shelter two year ago.  They surrendered her to us because they could no longer afford to care for her.  We were a bit surprised when she came into rescue.  We had no idea she had a huge hernia, skin infections, dry eye and trouble walking.  We are so glad she made it into rescue so we can help her! Her previous vet records say she is four years old.  She likes dogs and kids but we do not know about cats.

Update 6/5/15:  Georgina had surgery today.  She had her hernia removed, her palate shortened, a few teeth removed and the rest of her teeth cleaned.  We started her on eye drop to treat her dry eye and we are treating her skin infection.  She will be seeing Dr Cross soon for an orthopedic consult.  She is struggling to walk at this time.

Update 6/10/15:  Georgina had a consult with Dr Cross today and she will need surgery on both of her knees, joint injections in her elbows and arthritis medication to manage her pain.

Update 6/22/15:  Georgina moved into her foster home. She not responding well enough to tacrolimus for her dry eye so we added cyclosporine to her daily routine too.  We will continue to treat her skin and ear infections.  She will have a check up in three weeks.  If she is well enough at that time we will schedule her first knee surgery.

Update 7/11/15:  Georgina saw Dr Rush for her check up.  Unfortunately she still has a severe skin infection.  We will treat for another three weeks and recheck then.  If it is all better at that time we will move forward with knee surgery.

Update 9/4/15:  Georgina’s skin is looking much better and she has been cleared to have her first knee surgery.  Dr. Cross will do surgery on 9/10.

Update 9/10/15:  Georgina had her first of two knee surgeries today and all went well.  She will have her next one in two months.

Update 2/1/16: We had to hold off on Georgina’s second surgery while we treat her skin infection. She has been battling yeast and bacteria. Once she is all cleared up she will see Dr Cross for her next surgery.

Update 3/14/16:  Georgina had her second knee surgery today and all went well!  She will have her stitches out in two weeks then have her check up and x-ray in six weeks.

Update 5/10/16:  Georgina had her follow up exam and x-ray on her knee.  The surgery was a success but she has severe arthritis in her elbows, knees and joints.  We are looking into alternative options to help alleviate some of her discomfort.  She is battling another skin infection so we have made an appointment for her to see the dermatologist soon.

Update 5/24/16:  Georgina saw the dermatologist Dr Griffes today.  She has two types of bacteria  and one yeast that we are trying to fight off.  She will see him again in three weeks for a check up. Update 9/4/16:  Georgina was diagnosed with heart failure yesterday after a visit to the ER. We will start her on medications to keep her comfortable and spoil her with all the best things in life. Please keep her and her foster parents in your thoughts.      


R Keen    



September 16, 2016: It is with absolute heartbreak and sadness that we had to say goodbye to Georgina yesterday. Georgina was a foster with us for a year and 4 months, but to us foster was just a word. We thought of her as our own. She was an incredible spirit, albeit a grumpy one and we will miss her terribly. She taught us what an incredible breed Bully’s are and introduced us to the incredible GEBR.

~ JC and Trask

Rest In Peace Georgina

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