Meet Jefferson, a young stray picked up roaming in Birmingham AL.  The shelter never aged Jefferson, but on first glance he appears very young.  This was confirmed after I witnessed him squat to relieve himself.  He still pees like a baby, probably not more than 18 months old.

Jefferson came into the shelter with very red and itchy skin.  He had wounds on the side of his neck. Scrapes proved demodex mange with an overlying bacterial infection.  He was started on antibiotics and they began Ivermectin for the mange.  He did make rapind improvement during his short stay at the shelter.

He’s now at Dr. Ross getting the once over. We will continue antibiotics and begin Promeris for the mange.  He isn’t nearly as red anymore and the nasty neck swounds are drying up.  He’s a sweet boy and quite the “talker”.  He will need some potty training.  He will be brought up to date on shots.   He is reportedly eartworm negative but we will recheck just to be sure.  After his skin clears a bit more, he will be neutered.

Update 12/21/11: Jefferson is still being treated at our vet.  Once his skin looks healthy enough he will be neutered and move to a foster home.

Update 1/5/11: Sweet baby was finally made enough improvement that he was able to be neutered yesterday.  He went to his foster home and is ready for adoption.

Update 1/20/12:  Jefferson has been adopted!