Precious is a young female English Bulldog, held for ransom in a puppy mill in middle Georgia. With the help of Shar-Pei rescue, we were alerted to her plight. After agreeing to pay the ransom, after seeing the pictures of her who could do nothing to help, we made arrangements for transport.
We were told that Precious is 3 and has had multiple litters, most recently a litter of EB/Shar-Pei pups. On initial evaluation by our vet, she appears to be younger than first thought, possibly 18 months.
Precious is now at our vet, in air conditioning and getting a much needed flea bath!!!! More info to follow after a complete examination.
GEBR would like to thank Shar Pei Rescue and in particular Linda Loveless for their efforts in finding help for Precious.
PS: all dogs and pups at this puppy mill have been confiscated and placed in rescue. The two remaining Shar-Pei/EB pups are now safe with the Humane Society.

Update 6/28/11:  Sweet girl couldn’t be spayed today, it seems she woke this morning with an upper respiratory infection. She is now on antibiotics. We’ll regroup and proceed sometime next week.

Update: 10/16/11: Precious has been adopted!  Congrats Precious and Lisa!


Guardian Angels:

J and C Alexander

 Big Papa and Family

 K Von Hollen…in Memory of Maggie

 J and L Baillargeon

 L. Loveless