Obviously Cookey is not an English Bulldog as we were lead to believe, but we just couldn’t turn our back on her when we went to the shelter and first saw her.  She was sweet, submissive and obviously very sick.  Cookey had been roaming stray, and by the looks of her physical condition, she had been roaming for quite some time.  Cookey was so thankful to be out of the shelter.  You see, Cookey is heartworm positive, very high positive and she would never be put out on the adoption floor.  If we hadn’t taken her, she would have been euthanized in short order.
At the moment, she is battling for her life at the vets.  Her respiratory infection is horrible, and with her already debilitated state it is going to be difficult to battle.  She is getting antibiotics, a good diet and TLC.  Since she is in quarantine, our interaction with her is very limited but let me tell you…if the ride down here was any indication of this dogs behavior, she’s a gem!!!!

Please keep Cookey in your thoughts and prayers, she needs all the help we can give.

Update 7/13/11: Cookey is stable for the moment, still in isolation. Enjoying regular meals and some much needed attention.

Update 7/19/11: Cookey is still battling pneumonia but is showing a little improvement. After she has recovered from this ordeal, on to heartworm treatment.

Update 8/1/11: Cookey is out of isolation and continues to be the vet tech’s favorite. When they speak of her, everyone smiles. She must recover from her very frail condition before we can proceed with heartworm treatment. She is one of the sweetest, unassuming and shy dogs we have ever come across.

Update 10/12/11: Saw Cookey yesterday. My goodness, she’s a beautiful American Bulldog. She’s gained probably 20 pounds and looks very healthy. She’s a talker who loves attention. She’s a favorite at the vet so gets lots of free time. She was spayed a few weeks ago. Right now, she has a rather large hotspot on her chest that is being treated. As soon as there is enough improvement, we will begin heart worm treatment. Because of her heart worm load, we have decided it would be best to treat her over 2 months.  Her nagging cough that could not be explained has been resolved.

Update 12/13/11: Cookey has finished her heartworm treatment and is ready for adoption.

Update 4/8/12: Cookey has been adopted!