JD – Medical Hold

12/5/20: Please welcome JD. He was turned over to us by a breeder because of his cleft palate. He will be cared for by one of dedicated volunteers that will help nurse him back to health.

He was born on Thursday, December 3. He weighs 8.5 ounces, which is a perfect size for a new born French Bulldog. He is strong and healthy but the next three days are critical to her survival. She will be tube fed every two hours for now.

12/12/20: JD weighs 2.5 ounces

12/16/20: JD opened his eyes today!

12/24/20: JD weighs 1.5 pounds. He is a good weight for his age. He is handling the tube feeding well. He is walking, standing and sitting.

1/2/21: JD weighs 2.1 pounds and is now eating kibble soaked in goat milk; he is not longer needing to be tube fed. 

1/13/21:  JD had his first set of puppy shots.  

1/23/21:  JD has moved out of his special care foster home and into his regular foster home.  

2/3/21:  JD has his second set of puppy shots today.  He weighs 3.75 pounds. He is scheduled to see the specialist for cleft pallet surgery on 4/14.  He will have a feeding tube for two week following surgery.  Once the tube is removed he will transition from wet food back to hard kibble over a six week period while his cleft palate heals.

JD is not a available for adoption at this time. He will not be available for adoption until he recovers from his cleft palate surgery. You are welcome to complete an adoption application for him and be put on a wait list.



Name That Bully Sponsor: Melissa Brown

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