Thelma – Medical Hold

11/28/20:  Please welcome Thelma.  She and her litter mate, Louise, were abandoned at a veterinary clinic by a breeder because they both have cleft palates. They were then surrendered to GEBR, where our one of dedicated volunteers will help nurse them back to health.

She was born 11/28/20 and only weighs 4 ounces ( a typical English bulldog weighs closer to 11 ounces when born).  The next three days are critical to her survival.  She will be tube fed every two hours for now.

12/5/20:  Thelma is one week old and weighs almost 11 ounces now.  She is getting tube fed every two hours.

12/12/20: Thelma weighs 15 ounces and her eyes are open.

12/24/20:  Thelma weighs 1.9 pounds.  She is a little small for her age.  She is handling the tube feeding well but we will be giving her a little more each feeding to stretch her stomach a bit.  She is walking, standing and sitting.

1/2/21: Thelma weighs 3 pounds and is now eating kibble soaked in goat milk; she is not longer needing to be tube fed.

Thelma is not a available for adoption at this time. It will be a few months before she is able to have her cleft palate surgery and she will not be available for adoption until after that time. You are welcome to complete an adoption application for her and be put on a wait list.

Name That Bully Sponsor: Melissa Brown

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