Winston – January 18th, 2018

3/13/13:  Please welcome Winston to the group!  Winston is 4 1/2 years old.  His owners adopted him from a shelter in SC a little over a year ago.  We are not sure how or why he ended up at the shelter but we do know once he was adopted he was well taken care of.  He was treated for heartworms and parasites, neutered and got regular vet care.  But recently his owners had to take new jobs and they no longer have time to give Winston all the attention he needs.  But no worries because we can! 

Winston just got his annual shots in January.  He has a sensitive tummy and his owners have come to conclusion that Blue Buffalo (sensitive solution formula turkey and potato) works best for him.  We will keep him on this food since he does well on it.  He does have the typical bulldog allergy issues but does fine with Benedryl.  He did experience some environmental allergies when he first moved back to GA but they were limited to a particular house.  Since he has moved from that house he has not had any allergy flare ups.  He does have some hair loss on his sides but he had his thyroid tested and everything checked out so it must just be alopecia. 

He is getting checked out this morning by Dr Rush and will be going to his foster home this evening.  Provided Dr Rush sees nothing that needs medical attention he will be ready for adoption soon. 

He has been know to potty in the house.  We are not sure yet if this is behavior or if he just has not been properly house broken.  Lucky for us his foster mom Lindsay is going to get to the bottom of it.  We may want to place him in a forever home where someone is home all day or at least most of the day.  We will know more on this after Lindsay has time to asses the situation.


We are told he likes children, that he likes to chase cats and that he has never shown any aggression towards dogs. 

Update 3/26/13: Winston is doing great in his foster home.  No potty issues at all!  He will be adopted this weekend.

Update 3/30/13:  Winston has been adopted!  He packed his bags and moved back to SC.  So happy for this little guy and his new family!  Thank you Fortner family for fostering him and thank you Robertson’s for welcoming him into your family.


January 18, 2018:  Ruben (formally Winston) crossed over the rainbow bridge.  Please keep his family in your thoughts.  


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