Victor – March 16th, 2015

7/3/14:  Please welcome Victor!


Update 8/2/14:  Just a few days after Victor moved into his foster home we got the call that they wanted him to stay forever.  HIs foster parents made it official and adopted him.  Congrats Victor and Deese family!


March 16, 2015:  Victor, precious fur baby of Howard and Sandy Deese crossed the bridge during the night, asleep next to his best friend Gertie (GEBR permanent foster) and his daddy. Victor was only recently diagnosed with heart failure, but appeared stable.  Yesterday was a great day, he played in the sunshine then loaded up in the bully limousine for a trip to the Magikal Window and then a warm bed with the peop…le he loved most in the world. Deese family, thank you for loving Victor unconditionally.  We will never know details of his prior life but YOU made his life whole. Rest in Peace you big lug! I’m sure they have an infinite supply of trash cans for you to claim across the bridge.
Please keep the Deese family, Moses (GEBR alum) and Gertie (GEBR permanent foster) in your thoughts and prayers as they navigate this horrible and unexpected tragedy.