Lucy – June 15, 2021

9/11/18:  Please welcome Good Girl!  She is suffering from bladder stones and pyometra and needs surgery immediately.  She is also anemic, has hookworms and has an ear infection.  She will be spayed and have her bladder stones removed today.  We will keep a close eye on her blood work and hope that the anemia is only related to the hookworms.

She is five years old. She likes dogs and children but we do not know how she feels about cats.

Update 9/12/18:  Good Girls surgery went well yesterday.  She will have her blood work checked again on Friday and if she is doing well she will move into her foster home for recovery.  She will need another surgery in a few weeks to have her cherry eye repaired, her teeth cleaned, and have her palate shortened.

Update 10/4/18:  Good Girl had her second surgery today and all went well!  She had her cherry eye fixed, her teeth cleaned, her palate shortened, her tonsils removed and her nares widened.

Update 10/20/18:  Good Girl had her blood work checked again today and all looks good!  She is doing great in her foster home with two other dogs and two little kids under the age of four.  She will have her urine tested in two weeks to be sure no crystals have formed since her bladder stone surgery.  She will require a diet change to a raw or prescription diet once we have the results on her stone analysis.

Update 11/3/18: Good Girl has been adopted. Congrats Good Girl and Morgan family!

June 15, 2021 – Lucy (formally known as Good Girl) crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Please keep her family in your thoughts

Rest In Peace Lucy 

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