Huckleberry – June 19th, 2021

8/7/15:  Please welcome Penna and Cashton! One of their owners passed away forcing the other owner to move into a place that did not allow dogs.  The owner handed them over to a friend of friend and this person contact us to take them in.   We are not sure if they ever lived in an actual house until now.     They are not spayed or neutered and they have both been used for breeding.  Penna will need her cherry eye fixed when she is spayed.  Cashton will need his palate shortened when he is neutered.  Penna has a horrible skin infections.  Both of them have double ear infections and untreated dry eye. Penna is in heat.  She also “bun hops” instead of walking.  She will have a consultation with Dr Cross in the next few weeks.     The are both four years old.  They like dogs.  We do not know if they like cats or young children.  They have been together for years and we will not be splitting them up!   Update 8/10/15:  We will need for Penna to finish her heat cycle, for her skin to clear up and for her to gain from weight before we can move forward with surgery.  Cashton was neutered and had palate surgery.  Both are being treated for double ear infections and are now on prescription eye drops to treat their dry eye.  Penna is also on antibiotics and medicated baths for her skin infection.

Update 8/18/15:  Penna and Cashton moved into their foster home on Saturday.  They are living with two adults, two human sisters ages 13 and 16, a female French Bulldog and a male English Bulldog.   The initial meet and greet went great but there have been a few incidents since Saturday with the male English Bulldog.  Of course it doe snot help that Penna is a tad cranky while she is going through heat.  We are taking things slow at the foster homes while everyone settles in.

Update 8/25/15:  Penna had an orthopedic consultation with Dr Cross today.  Exam and x-rays show nothing that would explain why she hops instead of walks.  She does have mild arthritis in her elbows.  We started her on joint supplements.  We are also trying her on rimadyl to see if it affects her movement.  If it does she will continue to take it for the remained of her life.  If is does not then we will discontinue suing it after a few weeks.

Update 8/27/15:  Penna and Cashton saw Dr Rush today for a check up.  Penna’s skin is getting better but her ears are not.  We are continuing treatment for her ear infection.  She will have surgery tomorrow to correct her cherry eye and she will be spayed.  Cashton’s ear infection is not completely cleared up yet either so we will continue treatment for that as well.    They will be available for adoption once all of their medical needs have been taken care of.

Update 8/28/15:  Penna’s surgery went well today.  She will spend the next two weeks taking it easy while she recovers.  She will see Dr Rush again in two weeks to have her stitches removed and have her skin and ears looked at again.  Cashton will also have his ears checked again at that time.

Update 10/4/15: Penna and Cashton met their new parents this weekend. Congrats Penna, Cashton, Cassandra and Brian!

July 19, 2021 – Huckleberry, formally known as Cashton, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today.  Please keep his family in your thoughts.

Rest In Peace Huckleberry

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