Tanker – May 31st, 2021

Tanker is a 3 year old neutered male, animal control mandated owner surrender.  It seems that Tanker got himself into a little mischief repeatedly in Florida.   Tanker got out of his yard because of a faulty gate latch several times and had 2 scuffles with other dogs.  The final straw was him socializing on the beach, then attempting to play with an unattended toddler…..70 pound bulldog + 30 pound toddler….you know the outcome.  The toddler was knocked down and got a few scratches in the attempt to play.

Because of Tanker’s history of wandering in the past and yet another incident St. John’s County had enough.  He was remanded to the county’s custody on April 29th; the owner was able to get him transferred to their vet until his case was heard.

His Charge:  being a social bulldog with a owner who had a fence with a broken latch and took his wandering too casually.  Court ruling:  Tanker was deemed a vicious dog (although even animal control said he doesn’t fit the definition of a vicious dog).  Tanker must be removed from the state of Florida or face a death sentence.  The ruling came down last week, they had 2 weeks to find Tanker another home outside of Florida or he would be PTS.

Now Tanker is safe in GA BUT he can never cross the state line into Florida….NEVER!!!!!!!!

Tanker’s had good vet care and is UTD on shots.  There is a question of possible entropion but during his incarceration had the left eye “tacked”.  Not sure what that means but his eyes look OK right now.  We are going to have him evaluated by Dr. Rush anyway.

Tanker is unusual in that he has a lighter brown nose (liver colored) and lighter eyes officially known as a “DUDLEY”, these features are not comformationally correct and had been bred out of English Bulldogs a long time ago unfortunately, there has been a resurgence of people breeding these dogs and selling them at a premium.  It makes no difference to us, he’s still a bulldog who needed some help.

Tanker lived with 2 other dogs, but with his history of “scuffles” with other dogs while he was on the lam, he probably needs to be an only dog.  Definitely no small children.

We took him for a walk last night with his foster brother Meaty although he pulled on the leash wanting to be close to Meaty, there was no sign or posturing of aggression.  He and his foster brother Petie even kissed over the baby gate.  He also played with his foster sister Chunk and her friend Baily.  He was GREAT with Chunk and Bailey!  All he wanted to do was play.  He is a sweet boy who loves being with humans.

Update 6/23/12:  Tanker has been adopted.  Congrats Tanker, Jim and Heather!

May 31, 2021 – Tanker crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Please keep his family in your thoughts

Rest In Peace Tanker

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