7/1/15:  Please welcome Charlotte!  Her owners found out she had some orthopedic issues so they tried to give her away on Craigslist.  One of our volunteers, Matt, made arrangments to get her before she ended up in the wrong hands.
She had a check up with Dr Rush last week and is now up to date on her vcacciantions.  She can a consult with the orthopedic doctor next week.  She “hops” on her back legs instead of walking.
She is seven months old.  She seems to like other dogs and kids.  We do not know if she likes cats.
Update 7/17/15:  Charlotte saw Dr Cross for an orthopedic consult and he ruled out any orthopedic issues.  She was transferred from orthopedic to neurology for an MRI.  The results of the MRI showed she does have a spinal malformation which is causing the “bunny hopping”.  It showed hyperintense spinal cord lesion, several incidental hemivertebrae and a small syrinx.  Dr Johnson believes this can be a birth defect or a trauma.  There is nothing to be done surgically.  We do have her on prednisone and clavamox for two weeks to see if they have any affect on her.  She sees Dr Johnson for a check at the end of the month.  The good news is that she is fully functional and she is not in any pain.
Update 8/3/15:  Charlotte will be spayed in two weeks. She will be interviewing her new family once she recovers from spay surgery.
Update 8/29/15:  Charlotte picked out her new family this weekend!  Congrats Charlotte and Sullivan family!


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