Dane – November 3rd, 2015

10/16/12: Meet Dane, a four year old owner surrender to Animal Control.  It doesn’t appear that Dane was well cared for much of his life.  We gather that he spent most of his life in the laundry room and ignored.  BUT, he’s a sweetie and loving some attention.

His eyes are infected and probably has dry eye.  His ears are crunchy and most likely chronically infected.  His coat is in terrible shape with both bacterial and yeast infections.  And his nails are WAY overgrown!  He’s already begun antibiotics for the skin and coat. Had his ears and eyes cleaned and his nails trimmed for comfort.

For now, he has to be in isolation for 2 weeks because of his exposure to shelter virus and bacteria. During that time, we will work on the eyes ,ears and coat.  When his skin has improved enough, we will proceed with neuter, dental and trim the nails back.  Dane is heartworm negative.

His intake report says he gets along with dogs and children. Cats unknown.

Dane will remain on medical hold until after he is neutered.

Update 11/12/12: Dane is battling a severe yeast skin infection. Most of the dogs who come in with skin problems have both a bacterial infection and an underlaying yeast skin infection. We treat both at the same time, but sometimes the yeast is so bad that giving the antibiotics to clear the bacterial part of the infection makes the yeast infection worse. He also was having a difficult time tolerating the yeast medicine. We’ve got it worked out now and he is no longer on antibiotics and only being treated for yeast. Hopefully he can be neutered sometime this week.

Update 12/4/12: Dane was neutered this past Friday. He also had two teeth pulled; here was a lot of hair stuck in between his teeth and they became lose and rotten.  He was moved to his foster home.  He is very sweet and playful.

Update 12/27/12: Dane went to stay with the Dudek’s while his foster parents Emily and Aaron went out of town.  It looks like he won’t be leaving!  The Dudek’s adopted him!  This is the third GEBR adoption for the Dudek’s!  So happy for all of you!




November 3, 2015: Dane, who was rescued in October 2012 , crossed the rainbow bridge today.  He got to spend the last three years hanging out on the couch and being loved like a bully should be loved.

Please keep Dudek family and his brother Franklin in your thoughts.

Rest in Peace Dane


L Callahan

M Morgan

L Callahan


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