8/12/13: Please welcome Fran! Fran was found “running” up the middle of the street. Someone scooped her up and took her to the shelter. They called us immediately and we arranged transport to go get her. Thank you Dawn for turning your car around and heading to the shelter to get her.

She is safe at our vets’ office. By all appearances, it looks like Lil’ Miss Fran made a break from a puppymill. The splayed feet, long nails and feet infections are a clue to life in a crate and standing in her own excrement. Fran was covered in fleas and ticks, has a skin infection, eye infections and very painful ear infections. Treatment has already begun on this dear girl. Dr. Ross said that assessing her ears was a very painful process for Lil’ Fran, but she remained gentle throughout the entire exam, cleaning and obtaining cultures.

We will keep you updated as we learn more about her. She will spend two weeks in shelter quarantine while Dr Ross addresses her medical needs.

Update 9/6/13: Fran was spayed today.  Dr Ross also removed a small mammary tumor that she will send off to the tested.  She will move into her foster home early next week.

Update 9/15/13: Fran moved into her foster home today.  She gets to hang out with GEBR alum, Stevie Ray.  Fran is kind of low key so far, but Stevie Ray will put some “pep in her step”.

Dr Ross got clean margins when she removed it so there is no need for additional surgery at this time.  But when a dog that is not spayed produces mammary tumors there is always a chance they can return.  So if a tumor is noticed it needs to be removed immediately; this is something her future owner will need to watch for.

She seems to have some typical bullie allergy issues so we have started her on Zyrtec.

Dr Ross believes she is four years old.  She seems to enjoy the children in her foster home.

Update 10/16/13: Fran has been adopted!  What a lucky girl!  Congrats Fran, Jennifer and Kelsey!


R & S Rice – In memory of PorkChop

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