8/7/13: Please welcome Bella!  Bella is an owner surrender that joined us today.  Her owner has become disabled and can no longer afford to give her the care she needs.  She was taken to the vet and will be spayed on Friday then moved to her foster home early next week.

Bella is four years old.  She has been living with six dogs and two cats.  She has gotten along fine with all of them except when there is food involved.  She does not care for young children, but anything over eight years of age works for her.

Update 8/8/13: Bella had palate and spay surgery on 8/9 and moved into her foster home last night.  She was a little timid for the first few minutes but opened up as soon as her foster Dad tossed the tennis ball for her.  She has a skin infection that we are treating and she will need to go back to the vet in two weeks to have her stitches removed.

Update 8/24/13: Bella had her stitches removed.

Update 11/2/13: Bella has been adopted by her foster parents!

Update 12/13/14: Bella and her sister could not see eye to eye on anything!  So Bella has a new home now.  Congrats Bella and Garrison family!


D Taylor


R & S Rice – In memory of PorkChop

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