8/16/13: Welcome Thor, the most recent member of GEBR! He is rolling down the highway to Atlanta right now thanks to Shannon and Will! He is heading straight to the vet to get a thorough check up.  Thor may need knee surgery and has a very infected tail.

Thor is two years old.  He likes other dogs and does not mind cats.  He has been around a toddler for a brief time.  Thor gets exited when he meets new people and dogs or when he is in a new environment, but settles quickly.  He is usually cuddling on the couch with his foster sister.

Update 9/6/13: Thor was neutered on Thursday.  His tail pocket infection has cleared up but will need daily maintenance.    He will move into his foster home tomorrow.

Update 9/7/13: Thor moved into his foster home today.  He has a lot of energy and is a giant lap dog!  He only weighs 50 pounds but has a frame that can hold a few more pounds.  His foster parents are putting some weight on him.

His tail infection cleared up while he was on antibiotics but after being off them for only a few days it came back.  He is back on antibiotics and scheduled to have to have tail amputation surgery on 9/27.

Once he recovers from that surgery he will have a consult with Dr Cross for his knee issue.

Update 9/23/13: Thor had a consult with Dr Cross and he does need knee surgery.  It is scheduled for 10/28.

Update 11/12/13: Thor’s knee surgery incision got infected so we started him on antibiotics on Friday.  Today we noticed he had a pocket of fluid under the skin so Dr Cross put in a drain.  He will be heading back to GVS daily over the next few days to have his bandages changed and hopefully the drain can come out on Friday.  Please keep him in your thoughts.

Thor will be available for adoption after her recovers from knee surgery.

Update 12/1/13: Kim was dog sitting Thor this past weekend while his foster parents where out of town.  It was love at first sight when she and her daughter Maggie met him; so they adopted him!  Kim has fostered seven dogs for GEBR over the past few years.  I guess when the right one walks in the door you know it!  Congrats Thor and Darnell family.

Mr. & Mrs. Rankin Smith, Jr.

D Taylor

R Martin – in honor of Butterbean

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