Erk – December 28, 2009

ERK RUSSELL PITTMAN, May 22, 2003-December 28, 2009

Erk was born in Belarus and was the son and grandson of champions. He
was a 68 pound beautiful dog with wide shoulders and big head.
Everyone that met Erk was captivated by his personality. He lived to
the hilt and loved deeply.

He was bought for my son, Perry, who lived with us three years before
Perry went to Florida to open a restaurant. The climate was too hot
for Erk there so he stayed in Athens to keep the deer, birds and
squirrels out of the back yard, which was his own territory. We gave
him the best of care and everything we could think of to make him
happy. He laughed and danced. The vet referred to him as the
happiest dog in Athens, GA.

He is constantly in our thoughts and we miss him terribly. He may
have been the most loved dog on the face of the earth and every day
has a hole in it because he is no longer here.

WRITTEN IN LOVING MEMORY OF ERK by Bettie Pittman and with the
approval of Perry Pittman..

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