9/3/19: Please welcome Emerald! Emerald was an owner surrendered to animal control four days after giving birth to puppies. She killed the puppies the day after they were born naturally. The owner claims she became afraid of Emerald so she called animal control to come take her away. Material aggression in momma dogs is very typical and not too concerning. Animal Control turned her over to Animal Ark Rescue who then secured a breed specific rescue for her.

She had heavy bleeding and a very inflamed vulva so the vet prescribed pain meds and antibiotics. The swelling has gone down some over the past few days before she made her way to GEBR. She has been selective of people but does seem to do great with the vet staff. She was in a foster home with other dogs, but does not do well sharing food, toys, or human attention with them.

She is with us now at our vet clinic. We are treating an upper respiratory infection and a skin infection. She will be spayed and have her palate shortened next week once her upper respiratory infection clears up.

9/10/19:  Emerald has her surgery today and all went well!  She will see the vet again in two weeks to have her skin infection rechecked.

9/24/19: Emerald saw the vet today and her skin infection is gone and she has been cleared for adoption.

10/29/19:  Emerald has been adopted.  Congrats Emerald, Jonathan and Kyle!

approximate age: 1
approximate weight: 66
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: n/a
likes kids: n/a
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: none

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