9/12/19: Please welcome Harlow! She was picked up as a stray by Carroll County Animal Control and when no one came looking for her she was able to join the rescue. She needs to vaccinated and spayed. Unfortunately, she is heartworm positive. Once she recovers from her spay surgery, she will start her four week heartworm treatment. She should be cleared for adoption once she completes her heartworm treatment.

10/17/19: Harlow completed her heartworm treatment today and has been cleared for adoption!

Harlow’s vet bills to date are $2, 232.76!  This is for an exams, vaccinations, dry eye and eye ulcer test, ear infection exam and medications, skin scrape and skin infection medications, pain medications, surgery (for spay, tumor removal, teeth cleaning, decayed tooth extraction, soft palate shortened, saccules removed), boarding and heartworm treatment.  Please help us with vet bills by donating below.

1/18/20:  Harlow has been adopted.  Congrats Harlow and Herthneck family.

approximate age: 6
approximate weight: 50
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: n/a
likes kids: kids
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: cyclosporine eye drops for dry eye

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