5/1/13: Meet Duke, a four year old owner surrender to the Columbus shelter. Duke was originally rescued from the shelter by a respected local all breed rescue. Upon finding out all of Duke’s medical issues they thought it best that Duke be cared for by a breed specific rescue and asked if we could take over Duke’s care. Duke was transported from Columbus this morning and is now resting comfortably with Dr. Ross. Right now, we know he has a soft tissue tumor on his front leg and another on his back. He also is heartworm positive. There is a possibility that there is also a knee injury that will have to be addressed.

Update 7/11/13: Duke finished his heartwarming treatment.

Update 9/23/13: Duke has been fighting off a skin infection for a weeks now and we think once it clears up completely he will need to visit Dr Cross for a knee consult.  Duke is acting out a bit towards his foster brother so we are working with a behaviorist to help him overcome his fear aggression.

Update 11/2/13: We moved Duke into a foster home with no other dogs and he is loving it.  He is sharing the house with a cat and does not seem to mind.

Update 11/20/13: Duke had a consult with Dr Cross and he confirmed that he does had a tear in his left knee and will need surgery.  He will have it after the new year.

Unfortunately he has another skin infection right now too.

Update 2/26/14: Duke had his knee surgery on Monday.  His foster mom Karin says he is doing great.  He will go back in six weeks for a final check up and x-ray and if all looks good he will be available for adoption then.

Update 4/24/14: Duke has his final x-ray and check up with Dr. Cross for his knee and he is healing nicely.  He also had his annual check up with Dr. Ross and the tear production in one of his eyes has gotten better so we increased his drops and will re-check him in a few weeks.

Update 8/27/14:  In June we started Duke on a daily dose of cyclosporine because of his continuous skin infections.  He has responded well to it and we will keep him on it.  This drug costs about $120 for a 30 day supply.  He hope that in another month we can change him from every day to every other day and still keep the skin infections away.

Duke is ready for adoption.  He will only be placed in a home with no other dogs.  He doe snot mind cats and he likes children.

Update 8/31/14:  It has taken him a while but Duke has finally picked out his new home!  Congrats Duke and Billy!

We would like to thank Big Papa and family for donating $2,500.00 towards Duke’s medical care!
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