5/4/13: We welcome Maizey (age 4-5) to our little club(although quite sizable at the moment).  Maizey was seized by a local animal control last week after her owner refused to seek medical attention for a mammary tumor.  A family member of the owner called animal control after noticing that Maizey was in dire need of medical attention and the owner become violent when he attempted to take her to the vet.  You see. Maizey was purchased from craigslist by an obviously trouble women.  Instead of seeking appropriate medical treatment, she placed a rubberband around the mammary tumor.

Fast forward 3 months, the tumor is necrotic, infected and had been infested with maggots.  Maizey was seized and immediately taken to Eastside Medical Animal Center for treatment.  The tumor was removed and the infection treated.  Recently, Maizey’s ownership was transferred to rescue.

We picked her up yesterday morning and immediately transported to Dr. Rush.  The incision is healing well without any signs of infection.  Dr. Rush thought Maizey was in great condition after what she had been through and approved transfer to a foster home.  She will recover and then return to Dr. Rush for Palate surgery and spay.  Aside from poor tail pocket hygiene, she appears to be in good condition right now.  We do not have results of pathology yet and will await their return before we begin any other treatment.  She is heartworm negative and is now up to date on all vaccines.

She’s a big girl of 60 pounds and excitement causes a little humping activity, so we will not place her with a family with small children.  She gets along with other dogs and is very very loving.  She happens to be very beautiful as well!

Update 6/14/13: Maziey was spayed and had her palate surgery.

Update 6/19/13: Maizey has some post palate surgery swelling which caused labored breathing. She spent the night at GVS in an oxygen tank. She was feeling much better in the am and released this afternoon.

Update 6/29/13: Maizey had her stitches removed and had been cleared for adoption.

Update 8/4/13: Maizey has been adopted!  Congrats Maizey and Johnston family!

Guardian Angels

D & B Howell

P Kasparek & L Kanikova

Big Pappa and family

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