Angelina – May 6th, 2015

Meet Angelina, the poor little girl was picked up as a stray on 3/30 and taken to the shelter in Crowley, LA.  Tasha from Hard Knock Life Pittie Rescue saw her on 4/3 and had to save her.  She was dripping blood from her rectum and mouth so Tasha rushed her directly to the vet.

Angelina has a broken jaw!  Most likely from being kick in the face…by a human.
Her mouth and ears are infected.
She has cherry eye in both eyes.
She has a vaginal prolapse.

After reading Tasha’s plea for help last night, wow could we not respond?

Angelina will receive the care she requires as we took over responsibility for her care this afternoon.  For now she will have to stay in Louisiana for treatment because she is too unstable to transport to Georgia.

She will get the jaw fracture fixed and spay to correct vaginal prolapse.  Both quite extensive surgeries.  The estimate for both of her surgeries is already close to $2000.

After recovery, we’ll work on the eyes.  The vet in LA estimates two months before she will be healthy enough to travel.

We will update her progress as often as possible.

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Update 4/10/12:  Sweet Angelina had her jaw surgery and spay on Saturday. The appliance you see on her face is an external fixator holding the bones and cadaver bone graft in place. A portion of the jaw bone could not be saved so bone graft had to be used.  She will have to wear the external fixator for 8-12 weeks. She’s leaving the vet tomorrow to be fostered by Tasha (her hero). Although it looks horrible, the fixator (screws and metal frame) is holding the bones in place so she is much more comfortable than she was before surgery. Tasha says that she’s getting her Diva back and loving all the attention. Two weeks before they’ll fix her eyes. Little girl is spunky, probably the only reason she’s survived this terrible episode.

Update 4/11/12: Angelina was released to Tasha today. She’s pretty as a flower! Angelina will return to the vet for a re check every week until she has healed and can have the external fixator removed.

Update 5/8/12: Angelina had her cherry eye surgery.  She will be joining us in GA soon.

Update 6/14/12: Angelina had her fixator removed.  A few more weeks and she will be joining us in GA.

Update 6/30/12: Angelina has made it to GA!  We will be taking her to the vet next week to get her ears checked out; they are a bit swollen.  Once we get the ok from the vet she will be ready for adoption.

Update 7/7/12:  Angelina has been cleared for adoption!

Update 9/8/12: Angelina has been adopted by the Dudek family!

May 6, 2015: In the spring of 2012 an independent rescuer in Louisiana sent out a Facebook plea for anyone/ rescue who could help with an English Bulldog, very sick, cherry eyes, emaciated, broken jaw, uterine prolapse and appears to have just delivered a litter.  She couldn’t eat or drink because her jaw was so severely damaged.  She was lying on the cement floor of a rural Lousiana shelter with no comfort.  Tasha was a small rescuer who didn’t know much about bulldogs and had little ope…rating funds and couldn’t take this girl on herself.  Only one group responded….GEBR.  Tasha pulled her and transported her to her vet for care.  There we found that “Angel” was too unstable to be flown to Atlanta, so until she was stable, all care would be performed remotely and Gosh, that vet was one of the most talented vets we’ve come across.  She underwent spay, had her jaw fixed with bone grafts with an external fixature placed.  She underwent laser and Ultrasound therapy almost daily.  All this while Tasha was raising a litter of pups, treating another dog with lymphoma and taking care of her own rescue.
Finally, in June 2012, Angel, now Angelina arrived in Atlanta with much fanfare.  Angelina was adopted by the Dudek family in August, 2012 and lived her life as Queen of all she surveyed…..until early this morning.
Around 5 AM Angelina was called to the bridge.
She had 3 years of a full tummy, a warm bed and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.
Rest in Peace precious soul, our little “Angel”.
Please keep the Dudek family and Dane (GEBR alum) in your thoughts and prayers as they, along with the Crazy Bulldog Ladies mourn the loss of yet another angel on earth.
Angelina Dudek


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