Dexter – January 22nd, 2016

10/5/14 – Please welcome Dexter!  Dexter came to us from Florida.  Unfortunately he was thrown out of a moving vehicle on a busy street.  The person behind this moving vehicle stopped to save him and through some networking he made his way to us.  Thank you to everyone involved in Florida that made it possible for him to come to GEBR.  And thank you to Jackie, Bayleigh, Kayla and Maureen for transporting him here. He is limping and walking a bit funny but at this time we do not know if it is from being thrown from the car or something else.  He was able to walk up steps but not down them. We did track down the “broker” that gave him his microchip and discovered that he is eight years old.  We also discovered that he has been tossed around from family to family his entire life. We do know that he loves belly rubs!  He even “yells” at you if you stop giving them to him.

Update 10/6/14:  Dr Rush was planning to put Dexter under anesthesia today to clean his teeth and remove a few skin tags and a small tumor but he discovered something irregular with his heart.  We are consulting with a cardiologist before we do any surgery. Dr Rush did an x-ray and discovered that he has very bad arthritis in his spine and that he is in a lot of pain.  We started him on medication for this.  We will consult with the orthopedic specialist if necessary.

Update 10/17/14:  Dexter had his consult with the cardiologist yesterday and all is good.  He does has an “abnormal” heart but it is nothing to worry about.  Dr Pouge does not feel it will get worse and he does not feel that there is any risk putting him under anesthesia.  We will move forward with his surgery to remove the small fatty tumor, a few skin tags and a dental cleaning.  Thank you Vanessa for being his bully taxi driver yesterday!

Update 10/20/14:  Dexter had surgery today,  He had his teeth cleaned, the fatty tumor removed and two skin tags removed.  He is recovering well.

Update 11/1/14:  Dexter moved into his foster home.  His arthritis us still pretty bad.  We started him on pain management medication and joint supplements.  He is loving all of the belly rubs from his foster mom and she says he snores pretty loudly!

Update 11/26/14:  Dexter saw Dr Cross for a consult and it has been decided that he will have knee surgery next week.  He will be available for adoption in a few months when he recovers from surgery.

Update 12/8/14:  Dexter had knee surgery and joint injections today and all went well.

Update 2/16/15:  Dexter had surgery on his other knee today and all went well.

Update 5/20/15:  Dexter has been showing some obnoxious behavior lately when someone knocks on his foster homes front door.  We have consulted with Anna Benita from Happy Healthy Pup and she has given us a few ideas to prevent this behavior.  We have also started Dexter on stress relieving supplements.

Update 6/22/15:  Dexter’s foster mom made it official today. Congrats Dexter and Tammi!  

Approximate age: 8

approximate weight: underweight at 50 pounds

likes dogs: he seems to be leash aggressive towards other dogs

likes cats: n/a

likes children: we were told he was around children before coming into rescue but we are recommending he not be with small children

food: Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream

life long medications: joint supplements, arthritis medication, stress relieving supplements      




R & S Rice – In memory of PorkChop

A Marin – In memory of Pickles

T Helms & J Iannini M Pope – In memory of Queenie

J Grace      



January 22, 2016: Dexter crossed the rainbow bridge today in the arms of his mother Tammi.  This poor old man spent his life tossed around from family to family then tossed out of a moving truck.  He finally made his way to our rescue in Georgia and found the best mom a guy could ask for.  He enjoyed this past year a half with her and that is how he will remember life.  Please keep Tammi in your thoughts.

Rest In Peace Dexter










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