Riley – January 11th, 2016

3/2/14:  Please welcome Riley!  Riley’s family moved away but left him at the house with his brother Tucker.  A neighbor noticed them and took them to the shelter.  We picked him up and transported him to our vet.

He is in need of a nail trim, teeth cleaning and some weight gain.  We are currently treating his diarrhea and once that clears up Dr Ross will clean his teeth.  He will spend two weeks in shelter quarantine then move into his foster home.

The shelter believes he is around six years old.  He seems to get along fine with Tucker.  We have not seen him around cats or children.

Update 3/21/14:  Riley had a much needed teeth cleaning last week and moved into his foster home this past Wed.  He met his foster sister and foster brother outside the house.  Things went ok, but Riley was excited then things got a little heated.  For the next few days they will take things very slow and only have limited supervised time together.  Riley is a sweet boy but we know very little about him at this point.

He has put on a tiny bit of weight so far, but still needs to gain much more.  He breathing seems a bit labored.  At this time we are not sure if it is just from all of the excitement or if he truly needs palate surgery.  His foster parents will monitor this over the new two weeks and if needed he will see Dr. Rush for palate surgery.

He will be available for adoption once we know if palate surgery is needed.

Update 4/4/14:  Riley’s breathing has calmed down some since has settled into his foster home.  He is a little weak in the knees.  Not sure if this is directly related to the muscle mass loss or if there is more to it.  He is seeing Dr. Cross for an orthopedic consult next week.   He is enjoying his time with her foster brother and sister.

Update 4/24/14:  Riley had a consult with Dr. Cross and knee surgery is not needed but he does have arthritis.  We began treated that with joint supplements, carprofin and tramadol.  He is gaining weight but at a fairly slow pace.  Riley is going to see Dr. Rush on Friday for a palate consult.

Update 5/8/14:  Riley saw Dr. Duval at GVS for an upper airway examination and this is what they discovered…

His palate is too long and he does have everted laryngeal saccules.  He does not have laryngeal paralysis, but does have some larygneal collapse.  Surgery to decrease airway resistance (correcting the palate and the everted saccules) can help improve the laryngeal collapse, but does not always correct it.

Update 5/19/14:  Riley saw Dr. Rush today and his palate shortened and had his saccules removed.  This will help with his breathing issues.  We will give him a few weeks to recover then decide is anything else can or should be done.  Riley will need to live a low key lifestyle moving forward.

Update 6/12/14: Riley seems to be doing well since airway surgery.  He still gets a little worked up and breaths heavy when he is excited but his foster mom does her best to keep him calm.  He is also responding well to the carprofin and tramadol for his arthritis.

Riley will need to stay on both medications for the remainder of his life and will need to live a low key life style to help with his airway issues.  Riley is available for adoption!

Update 6/26/15:  Riley had a pretty crappy week!  He had an isolated seizure on Saturday.  On Wed he saw the vet for x-rays, blood work and heavy breathing.  And as of yesterday his back end is bothering him quite a bit.  He will see Dr Cross for a consult to see if there is anything else we can for him to make him more comfy.  His foster parents, Karen and Keith, take wonderful care of him.  He is an older boy that never got to experience the good life until joining GEBR.  We all love him and wish him the very best!

Update 1/11/16:  Riley crossed the rainbow bridge today.  He was in the loving arms of his foster parents at the time.


January 11, 2016:  Riley crossed the rainbow bridge today.  Riley has been a foster with GEBR since early 2013.  He was an older guy with severe arthritis, laryngeal paralysis and some neurological disorders.  His little body could not fight any longer.  He has been loved and spoiled for the past two years by the Brown’s and he will missed dearly.  Please keep them in your thoughts.

Rest In Peace Riley



R & S Rice – In memory of PorkChop

S Smith

R & S Rice – In memory of PorkChop