Toby – January 25th, 2016

3/27/13: Please welcome Toby!  Toby was dumped at the shelter by his owners because they did not want to address his medical issues.  The shelter vet looked him over and found that he has bilateral thickened knees – previous cruciate tears, gingivitis, ulcerated gums, dermatitis (probably allergies) and lick granulomas on front legs.


He was transferred from the shelter to Riverside Animal Hospital yesterday by The Bully Blanket Lady Carol.  He will spend two weeks in shelter quarantine and get double checked by Dr Ross.  Once he is released he will see Dr Cross for a knee consultation.  At this point we assume he will need to have surgery on both knees but we will know more after his consultation.  For now we will address his obviously mouth and skin issues.


Carol reports that he a sweet boy and loves to wiggle!  We do not know if he likes children, dogs or cats.  We will update as we learn more about him.  Toby is five years old.


Update 4/3/13: Toby will be neutered and have his teeth cleaned this week.  He will move to a foster home next week after his shelter quarantine is up.  He will see Dr Cross at GVS in a few weeks for a knee consultation.


Update 4/16/13: Toby was neutered last Monday and went to his foster home yesterday.  He is such a happy boy that loves to wiggle and bark!  He has a consultation with Dr Cross on 5/15 to have his knees evaluated.  We will move forward with surgery then if needed.


Update 5/15/13: Toby had his consultation with Dr Cross.  He has tares in both knees and arthritis in both elbows.  He will have his first of two knee surgeries tomorrow; the other will happen in a two months.  We will treat the arthritis with meds.


Update 5/28/13: Toby got his stitches out and Dr Cross says he is looking good. He goes back on June 26th for an x-ray. If all looks good he will stay and have his other knee surgery.


Update 6/24/13: Toby had his second knee surgery.  All went well!


Update 7/10/13: Toby got his stitches out a good report from Dr Cross. He goes back in four weeks for an x-ray and final check up.


Update 8/15/13: Toby had his final check up with Dr Cross and has been cleared for adoption!

Update 9/16/13: Toby started on arthritis management meds this week and will need to stay on them to eliminate some of the discomfort.

Update 11/10/13: Toby has been adopted! Congrats Toby and Vagner family!



January 25, 2016: Toby was a love.  He was patient, kind, and enduring.  He welcomed his four legged brother (Harley), sister (Lilley), and cousin (Punk) with open arms.  Tobys snore will be forever missed.  Please keep the McWhorter family in your thoughts.

Rest In Peace Toby




R & S Rice – In memory of PorkChop

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