2/25/12: CB is a 6 year old female who was found tied to a tree at a lake in South GA.  At the time she was found, her eyes were matted closed and poorly cared for. The family who rescued her have cared for her this last year but have been having a difficult time financially and haven’t been able to afford the eye drops she needs on a daily basis.  She has been evaluated by a vet in So. GA and getting her drops every day until she could be transported to Atlanta for further evaluation and treatment.  She is a very vocal girl and growls when she plays, not in an aggressive way, that’s just the sound she makes when she plays.  Otherwise very sweet but scared recently as her vision deteriorated without receiving the eye drops.  She will be evaluated by Dr. Rush, brought up to date on shots and spayed.  We will reassess her vision and if necessary make a trip to Dr. King, the opthalmologist.

Update 2/27/12: CB made to Atlanta Saturday afternoon!  Thank you John Ross for helping her get here.  She can not see very well becasue of all the eye “boogers” from her untreated dry eye.  She is also still a little scared and unsure of her new surroundings.  Her foster parents Angie and Cale are taking it slow and trying to build trust.  Thank you Angie and Cale for being so patient with her!

Once CB is spayed and has her eye evaluated she will be available for adoption.

Update 3/1/12: CB was spayed and had 7 teeth removed!  Dr Rush thinks she may have a little bit of arthritis in her front right leg.  She is getting tacrolimus twice a day for her dry eye, and it is helping.  She still has some trust issues, not that we can blame her, but she is coming around.

Update 3/17/12: CB got her stitches out today.  She is offically ready for adoption!  Thank you Dr Rush and staff at Dekalb Animal Hospital for taking great care of her.

Update 1/27/13: CB has made a lot of progress in her foster home.  She is more trusting and open to new people.  It has been a long year for her but we are very excited about the progress that she has made.  We do feel that moving her into a new home would not be in her best interest so CB will remain a permanent foster with us.

Update 4/8/13: CB had to have three more teeth pulled and is suffering from an infection all over her mouth and gums.  At this moment we believe it is bacterial.  We are treating with antibiotics now and may continue to treat once a month.

Update 5/7/13: CB will have the first of two or three surgeries to have all of her teeth extracted.  She saw the dentist on Monday for the sores in her mouth and it has been determined that she has Chronic Ulcerative Paradental Stomatitis (CUPS).  Which basically means she is having a reaction to plaque bacteria; the only true way to cure this for CB is a full mouth extraction.

Update 7/15/13: CB had her second surgery to extract all of her teeth. Her canine teeth are the o lay ones left. We are going to monitor and see if CUPS is still present in her mouth with only these four teeth. If it is then we will removed them as well in a few weeks.

Update 9/4/13: CB went for a consult with Dr King for her eyes.  She vision is getting worse.. She added cyclosporine, lubricant and steroid drops on top of tacrolimus.

She still has her canine teeth and it appears that the CUPS is still present.  We will talk with Dr Rush about removing those final four teeth.



 CB passed away during a nap this afternoon.  Rest in peace CB…we will miss you.



R & S Rice – In memory of PorkChop

R & S Rice – In memory of PorkChop



H Keyserling – in memory of Possum

K Kuha

C & K Walker

J Steadman

R Powell

C Wall


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